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Year: 2006
Director: John Lasseter, Joe Ranft

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Owen Wilson (Lightning McQueen), Paul Newman (Doc Hudson), Bonnie Hunt (Sally Carrera), Larry The Cable Guy (Mater), Cheech Marin (Ramone), Tony Shalhoub (Luigi), Guido Quaroni (Guido), Jenifer Lewis (Flo), Paul Dooley (Sarge), Michael Wallis (Sheriff), George Carlin (Fillmore), Katherine Helmond (Lizzie), John Ratzenberger (Mack / Hamm Truck / Abominable Snow Plow / P.T. Flea Car), Joe Ranft (Red / Jerry Recycled Batteries / Peterbilt), Michael Keaton (Chick Hicks), Richard Petty (The King), Jeremy Clarkson (Harv (voice: UK version)), Jeremy Piven (Harv (voice: US Version)), Bob Costas (Bob Cutlass), Darrell Waltrip (Darrell Cartrip)


Lightning McQueen is a cocky, rookie race car. Speeding on his way to a big race, he crashes into Radiator Springs, destroying lots of the inhabitants belongings. In order to make up for what he did, the cocky roadster is sentenced to community service. Though he will do anything to get away from the work, McQueen must learn to respect and bond with the Radiator Springs inhabitants in order to get out of the town and back on the racetracks.