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Year: 1995
Director: Sam Raimi

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Sharon Stone (Ellen), Gene Hackman (Herod), Russell Crowe (Cort), Leonardo DiCaprio (Kid), Tobin Bell (Dog Kelly), Roberts Blossom (Doc Wallace), Kevin Conway (Eugene Dred), Keith David (Sgt. Cantrell), Lance Henriksen (Ace Hanlon), Pat Hingle (Horace the Bartender), Gary Sinise (Marshall), Mark Boone Junior (Scars), Olivia Burnette (Katie), Fay Masterson (Mattie Silk), Raynor Scheine (Ratsy), Woody Strode (Charlie Moonlight), Jerry Swindall (Blind Boy), Scott Spiegel (Gold Teeth Man), Jonothon Gill (Spotted Horse), Sven-Ole Thorsen (Gutzon)


Ellen, an unknown female gunslinger rides into a small, dingy and depressing prairie town with a secret as to her reason for showing up. Shortly after her arrival, a local preacher, Cort, is thrown through the saloon doors while townfolk are signing up for a gun competition. The pot is a huge sum of money and the only rule: that you follow the rules of the man that set up the contest, Herod. Herod is also the owner, leader, and "ruler" of the town. Seems he's arranged this little gun-show-off so that the preacher (who use to be an outlaw and rode with Herod) will have to fight again. Cort refuses to ever use a gun to kill again and Herod, acknowledging Cort as one of the best, is determined to alter this line of thinking ... even if it gets someone killed ... Written by McGinty <>



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