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Year: 1946
Director: Alfred Hitchcock

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Cary Grant (T.R. Devlin), Ingrid Bergman (Alicia Huberman), Claude Rains (Alexander Sebastian), Louis Calhern (Captain Paul Prescott), Leopoldine Konstantin (Madame Anna Sebastian (as Madame Konstantin)), Reinhold Schünzel (Dr. Anderson (as Reinhold Schunzel)), Moroni Olsen (Walter Beardsley), Ivan Triesault (Eric Mathis), Alex Minotis (Joseph - Sebastian's Butler), Wally Brown (Mr. Hopkins), Charles Mendl (Commodore (as Sir Charles Mendl)), Ricardo Costa (Dr. Julio Barbosa), Eberhard Krumschmidt (Emil Hupka), Fay Baker (Ethel), Bernice Barrett (File Clerk (uncredited)), Bea Benaderet (File Clerk (uncredited)), Candido Bonsato (Waiter (uncredited)), Charles D. Brown (Judge (uncredited)), Eddie Bruce (Reporter (uncredited)), Paul Bryar (Photographer (uncredited))


In 1946, in Miami, John Huberman is convicted for treason against the United States of America. His daughter Alicia Huberman, who is notorious for her affairs and drinking problem, but loyal to her country, is contacted by the cynical government agent T.R. Devlin for an assignment in Rio de Janeiro spying a network of Nazi's friends of her father. They travel together and Alicia falls in love with Devlin. However, when she is ordered to meet with the German Alexander Sebastian who has a crush on her, she feels disappointed with the lack of attitude of Devlin. Sooner Alexander proposes her and Devlin does not object when Captain Prerscott asks her to marry Alexander. Alicia snoops around the mansion and discovers that the wine cellar is locked. Devlin suggests to her that she asks Alexander to throw her a party to introduce her to the society in Rio and invites him.