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Year: 1966
Director: Sergio Leone

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Eli Wallach (Tuco), Clint Eastwood (Blondie), Lee Van Cleef (Sentenza / Angel Eyes), Aldo Giuffrè (Alcoholic Union Captain (as Aldo Giuffre')), Luigi Pistilli (Father Pablo Ramirez), Rada Rassimov (Maria), Enzo Petito (Storekeeper), Claudio Scarchilli (Mexican Peon), John Bartha (Sheriff (as John Bartho)), Livio Lorenzon (Baker), Antonio Casale (Jackson / Bill Carson), Sandro Scarchilli (Mexican Peon), Benito Stefanelli (Member of Angel Eyes' Gang), Angelo Novi (Monk), Antonio Casas (Stevens), Aldo Sambrell (Member of Angel Eyes' Gang), Al Mulock (One-Armed Bounty Hunter (as Al Mulloch)), Sergio Mendizábal (Blonde Bounty Hunter (as Sergio Mendizabal)), Antonio Molino Rojo (Capt. Harper (as Molino Rocho)), Lorenzo Robledo (Member of Angel Eyes' Gang)


The Good is Blondie, a wandering gunman with a strong personal sense of honor. The Bad is Angel Eyes, a sadistic hitman who always hits his mark. The Ugly is Tuco, a Mexican bandit who's always only looking out for himself. Against the backdrop of the Civil War, they search for a fortune in gold buried in a graveyard. Each knows only a portion of the gold's exact location, so for the moment they're dependent on each other. However, none are particularly inclined to share...