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Year: 1990
Director: Chris Columbus

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Macaulay Culkin (Kevin McCallister), Joe Pesci (Harry), Daniel Stern (Marv), John Heard (Peter McCallister), Roberts Blossom (Marley), Catherine O'Hara (Kate McCallister), Angela Goethals (Linnie), Devin Ratray (Buzz), Gerry Bamman (Uncle Frank), Hillary Wolf (Megan), John Candy (Gus Polinski), Larry Hankin (Officer Balzak), Michael C. Maronna (Jeff (as Michael C. Maronna)), Kristin Minter (Heather), Diana Rein (Sondra (as Daiana Campeanu)), Jedidiah Cohen (Rod), Kieran Culkin (Fuller), Senta Moses (Tracy), Anna Slotky (Brooke), Terrie Snell (Aunt Leslie)


Kevin McAllister, 8 years old is accidentally left behind while his family rushes to the Airport to go to France for their Christmas vacation. Kevin learns that he made his family is gone. He spends his first day having fun in his house. Kevin learns that Mav and Harry (The Wet Bandits), two crooks are trying to rob his house. Kevin fends for himself and protects his house from the thieves, by setting traps everywhere. Meanwhile, Kevin's mother discovers that they left Kevin in Chicago and tries to go back to Chicago while the other members of the family stay in Fance.



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