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Year: 2005
Director: Darren Lynn Bousman

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Tobin Bell (Jigsaw / John Kramer), Shawnee Smith (Amanda Young), Donnie Wahlberg (Eric Matthews), Erik Knudsen (Daniel Matthews), Franky G (Xavier Chavez), Glenn Plummer (Jonas Singer), Emmanuelle Vaugier (Addison Corday), Beverley Mitchell (Laura Hunter), Tim Burd (Obi Tate (as Timothy Burd)), Dina Meyer (Detective Allison Kerry), Lyriq Bent (Daniel Rigg), Noam Jenkins (Michael Marks), Tony Nappo (Gus Colyard), Kelly Jones (SWAT Member Pete), Vincent Rother (SWAT Member Joe), Linette Robinson (Mother in Cancer Ward), Gretchen Helbig (Nurse in Cancer Ward), Kofi Payton (Boy in Cancer Ward), John Fallon (Video Techie), Ho Chow (Security Officer (as Ho 'Oyster' Chow))


Jigsaw returns. The brilliant mastermind behind the cruel identity is back for another round of his terrifically live or die games. When a new murder victim is found with all the signs of Jigsaws hand, Dectective Eric Matthews begins to investigate the full story and apprehends Jigsaw with a minimum lack of effort. Only for Jigsaw, getting caught is only one of the many parts of his plan. Eight more of his victims are already fighting for their lives its time for Eric Matthews to join, as the latest pawn on his vicious chalkboard. Written by Anonymous


Saw II follows on the heels of Saw, as another taught, tense thriller. The mark of a great thriller/shocker/horror movie is the number of twists and turns, and this is what identifies Saw II as one of the better members of its genre.

This is NOT a movie where people walk backwards into dark rooms. This is NOT a movie where people pull sheets off bodies. That's all too predictable for Saw II. In fact, there's virtually nowhere in this film, where you can say that you've got it figured out.

Few movies keep me on the edge of my seat. This was one of them. There was no one dozing off during this flick. And the number of folks who walked out to take/make cell phone calls was the lowest I've ever seen.

Like Saw, this sequel is more than a little bloody in some places, but that's to be understood. It was never promoted as a walk in the park. If you're in the mood for a thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat, this is worth a try.

And this movie left more than a few folks in the audience waiting for another sequel.


The first Saw really through me through some spins and caught me off guard for originality, Saw 2 is leagues above the first. Saw 2 runs with the same game based theme as the first, with clues for both the characters and the audience about what might happen next, but it takes the game to a completely different level. Just when things start to come together there is another twist to leave the viewer on the edge of their seat for what may come next. Without seeming to give everything away the movie was made to give it all away, but no one can catch all the clues because they have been pulled so deep into the movie. I highly recommend this one.