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Year: 2002
Director: Abbey LeVine, Kathleen Dowdey, Stacy Tobin, John Perry, Marc Silver, Tracy Lynch Britton, John Francis Heinz, Tami Frymark, Marsha Armstrong, Claudia N. Calabrese, Mary Celenza, Alycia Cooper, Inga Kleinrichert, Canaan Rubin, Anthony Virga

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Phil McGraw (Himself - HostĀ / ... (50 episodes), 2002-2011), Robin McGraw (Herself (6 episodes), 2002-2005), Nathaniel Best (Personal Trainer (4 episodes), 2008-2009), Kate Rigg (Herself (4 episodes), 2009-2010), Nadya Suleman (Herself (4 episodes), 2009), Kent Kasper (Celebrity Lookalike (3 episodes), 2006-2008), Timothy P. Connaghan (Santa Claus (2 episodes), 2004-2005), Jay McGraw (Himself - CorrespondentĀ / ... (2 episodes), 2004-2009), Cory Hudson (Himself (2 episodes), 2004-2007), Lindsay Lohan (Herself (2 episodes), 2004), Lawrence Zarian (Himself - Correspondent (2 episodes), 2005), Abbey LeVine (), Kathleen Dowdey (), Stacy Tobin (), John Perry (), Marc Silver (), Tracy Lynch Britton (), John Francis Heinz (), Tami Frymark (), Marsha Armstrong ()


Having achieved nationwide fame as a frequent guest on Oprah_Winfrey's daily chatfest, professional "life strategist" Dr. Phil McGraw inevitably graduated to his own Monday-through-Friday talk show, produced by Winfrey's Harpo Productions and syndicated by Paramount Television. In an engagingly offhand, down-to-earth fashion, the balding, Southern-accented Dr._Phil dispensed advice on all sorts of moral, legal, and personal issues, counseling warring families and other such domestic combatants with a combination of harsh nagging, pragmatism, and an abundance of hugs and tears. Basically, Oprah's favorite "self-help guru" put forth a positive message, though there were some problems that even he found insurmountable (and he admitted it). Taped in the studio where Solid Gold and The Arsenio Hall Show had once been produced, Dr. Phil began its run on September 16, 2002. Hal Erickson, Rovi


Dr. Phil gets 2 stars. 1 for actually taking up important issues and creating awareness and 1 for being entertaining - sometimes.

This is not the show to watch if you want a serious "(self) help" show. Dr. Phil is in your face and confrontational, which is sometimes funny, but you never doubt just whose side he is on in any given case - and you never doubt that the other part in the case is a horrible and guilty person. There are no shades of gray on Dr. Phil's show - which is strange, as the man has an education in psychology.

However, Dr. Phil may actually prove harmful sometimes. As it often is with media, he simply holds too much sway over people - he gives an opinion and millions of viewers cry out in agreement without the hassle of researching the subject. Not only harmful to the individuals, that Dr. Phil targets, it seems to also help undermine people's trust in actual authority, like the law (which, by no means is perfect or anywhere near that, but it is still a harmful influence that really doesn't help as it is often without real substance, just full of emotions).

Watch it if you like sob stories going no where, villains and judgment, or if you, like me, are a psychology student who is very interested in seeing the "acclaimed" Dr. Phil's verdicts and in making your own.

Funny note: Try to notice how many times Dr. Phil gives out-right professional advice as in "You have to do this/ you should do this...". None. Why? Because he's not a licensed psychologist any more, meaning that he CAN'T do it - it's against the law. All he can do is offer "good ideas" or layman's advice.


I have to add my proverbial "2-cents" to the comments here.

I find this guy phony, overbearing, obnoxious, and "ANNOYING" -- in all caps).

Pauly Shore, Bob Sagett, Ellen Degeneres, all rate 9-1/2 or higher on my annoying list -- but this guy is a "solid 10."

Pretentious, arrogant, condescending, pedestrian -- he's got it all. Plus, from what one reads, in terms of actions towards female members of his staff, and overall treatment of those working on his show -- this true persona is very much at-odds with the on-screen image he strives to project.

This is just another mediocre show which we have to bear with all the channels today, and all the airtime to fill.