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Year: 2002
Director: Ryen McPherson

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Donald Brennan (Himself), Donny (Himself), Rufus Hannah (Himself), Peter LaForte (Himself), Todd Richard Lewis (The Bumhunter), Ryen McPherson ()


Bumfights is a film series created by Indecline Films. The videos feature homeless men in the San Diego and Las Vegas metropolitan areas fighting and attempting amateur stunts in exchange for money, alcohol, and other incentives. The first video, Bumfights: A Cause for Concern, was produced by Ryen McPherson, with friends Zachary Bubeck, Daniel J. Tanner, and Michael Slyman, as Indecline Films. Shortly after sales began to escalate, Indecline Films sold the rights to two investors, who went on to produce three sequels. The videos immediately gained criticism from mainstream organizations. The US-based National Coalition for the Homeless (NCH) has stated that the Bumfights videos disseminate hate against the homeless and dehumanize them In April 2006, the four original filmmakers agreed not to produce any more "Bumfights" videos or distribute videos already made, and to pay three homeless men depicted in the videos, under a settlement announced as a lawsuit was to go to trial.


Bumfights is a "direct to video" DVD that showcases staged fights between homeless people. The homeless are baited with promises of some food or cheap prizes and goaded into pummelling each other into bloody pulp.

The makers of this disgusting tripe should be taken to Cabrini Green in Chicago and made to go toe to toe with hordes of bums. They should get beaten up, allowed to rest, then beaten again. By the most psychotic bums available. Payback galore.

People who take advantage of others who suffer from mental disorders, drug/alcohol addiction and who have no money should not be allowed to market this kind of garbage. It's capitalistc opportunism at its worst.

Bumfights is the most vile, contemptible thing I've ever seen. The makers should be in prison.


All right, I'll review this thing. I'm up to it. And I'll put the bottom line at the top: don't waste your money. Check it out as a curiosity if it's free but don't spend your coin.

The vast majority of the fights in the uh, film, don't involve bums, but rather teenage yahoos that have been watching too much "Jackass". Bad news that most of them appear to survive, which means that they will almost certainly reproduce. Watching fights on TV between people I don't know and who don't appear to be battling for any moral principle - real or percieved - isn't as compelling as you might think. I think the WWF realizes that, which is why they brew up a story to which the "fight" is the last act. Not so here. The fight is the whole entire play, and it's an unsatisfying one-act.

"Supermodel" Angela Taylor is there. Not much else to say about her.

The "Bumhunter" segments sound hilarious when you hear about them, but the don't live up to an actual viewing. It's not that the guy playing the Bumhunter isn't funny - he is - but most of the bums are just tired and seem content to wait for this weirdo to bug off once he's had his fun. Not that they have any real choice in the matter in some cases...

Best part are some of the pranks and stunts. I admit I laughed quite a few times at the (attempted) destruction of property and other idiocy. I don't know, there's just something about a guy pummelling a drive thru menu/intercom that I find amusing, probably because I've wanted to do it a few times myself.

This video might be worth an hour of your time, but as I said, borrow a friend's.


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