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Year: 1986
Director: James Cameron

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Sigourney Weaver (Ellen Ripley), William Hope (Lt. Gorman), Paul Reiser (Carter Burke), Bill Paxton (Pvt. Hudson), Lance Henriksen (Bishop), Michael Biehn (Cpl. Dwayne Hicks), Jenette Goldstein (Pvt. Vasquez), Carrie Henn (Rebecca 'Newt' Jorden), Al Matthews (Sgt. Apone), Mark Rolston (Pvt. Drake), Ricco Ross (Pvt. Frost), Colette Hiller (Cpl. Ferro), Daniel Kash (Pvt. Spunkmeyer), Cynthia Dale Scott (Cpl. Dietrich (as Cynthia Scott)), Tip Tipping (Pvt. Crowe), Trevor Steedman (Pvt. Wierzbowski), Paul Maxwell (Van Leuwen), Valerie Colgan (ECA Representative), Alan Polonsky (Insurance Man), Alibe Parsons (Med Tech)


More than a half-century after the events of 'Alien', Warrant Officer Ripley - the sole survivor of the Nostromo - is discovered adrift in the shuttle she used to escape. By now, the Company - Ripley's employer - has colonized the planet where the alien was found. Intent on covering up its illegal actions of years before, the Company strips Ripley of her flight officer's license. But when transmissions from the colony stop without warning, she is called into action again - this time with a group of Space Marines. Now the alien menace is hundreds of times larger, more insidious, and all but invincible. The sole survivor of the Nostromo re-enters a world of sudden, unspeakable horror - one that attacks without warning again and again and again.


THE sci-fi movie. It's nearly perfect in every way: storyline, characters, menacing threat, suspense, action, direction, music, emotion, etc... It's always been a favorite of mine and still is. To me this is not just a film, it is an experience. The adrenaline pumps like in no other film and rarely have we had the chance to see a heroine as compelling as Sigourney Weaver. She can kick anyone's ass and still keep a heart and soul. (Why she didn't win the Oscar back in 1986 is beyond me.) When the action starts, you're in for the ride of your life. Truly a milestone in movie making. Now if they could only release it on DVD...


I rate Aliens a perfect 10. This second installment in the Alien series evolves the original movie's horror/sci-fi genre into action-adventure/sci-fi, setting a standard which has not yet been matched. I like this movie because it paints a picture of the future which is realistic enough to suck you in during the beginning of the film and then quickly introduces you to interesting characters who you become concerned with; some you love and others you hate.....but none of them bore you. By the time the action starts it's possible to forget you're watching a movie (at least the first couple of times). The plot is filled with tension that is occasionally broken by some of the most memorable one-liners in history (especially by Private Hudson). The special effects are remarkable, considering the fact that they were accomplished the "old fashioned way" prior to digital manipulation. I can report that I now own the Director's Cut and rate this version a 10 also. The extra footage will be extremely interesting to fans of the 1986 release. Either version gives you great characters, suspense, action, firepower, sarcasm, and wit. Aliens is an outstanding show!