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Year: 2003
Director: Andy Wachowski, Lana Wachowski

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Mary Alice (The Oracle), Tanveer K. Atwal (Sati), Helmut Bakaitis (The Architect), Kate Beahan (Coat Check Girl), Francine Bell (Councillor Grace), Monica Bellucci (Persephone), Rachel Blackman (Charra), Henry Blasingame (Deus Ex Machina), Ian Bliss (Bane), David Bowers (Q-Ball Gang Member #1), Zeke Castelli (Operations Officer Mattis), Collin Chou (Seraph), Essie Davis (Maggie), Laurence Fishburne (Morpheus), Nona Gaye (Zee), Dion Horstmans (Q-Ball Gang Member #2), Lachy Hulme (Sparks), Christopher Kirby (Mauser (as Chris Kirby)), Peter Lamb (Colt), Nathaniel Lees (Mifune)


The machine army continues to drill towards Zion. Within hours, they will overrun the population of the Zionites and lay extinction to human kind. Meanwhile, Neo is held captive by the Merovingian at a train station. Trinity & Morpheus set out on a journey to release him from a mysterious train operator. Also, Smith resumes his quest to kill "Mr. Anderson" as he reveals his identity into the real world and resumes to replicate his program inside the system of The Matrix, causing it to decay. All hope is placed in the freed Neo, who must travel to the city of the machines in the Logos ship with Trinity and bargain to save each kingdom from destruction by finishing Smith once and for all. But even with his new powers over the sentinels, will he be able to fight them off?