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Year: 2011
Director: Jon Chu

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Justin Bieber (Himself), Boys II Men (Themselves), Miley Cyrus (Herself), Sean Kingston (Himself), Ludacris (Himself), Jaden Smith (Himself), Usher Raymond (Himself (as Usher)), Diane Dale (Herself), Bruce Dale (Himself), Ryan Good (Himself), Allison Kaye (Herself), Carin Morris (Herself), Scrappy Stassen (Himself), Kenny Hamilton (Himself), Scooter Braun (Himself), Mama Jan Smith (Herself), Jeremy Bieber (Himself), Antonio Reid (Himself (as L.A. Reid)), Randy Phillips (Himself), Snoop Dogg (Himself)


The documentary Justin Bieber: Never Say Never follows the teen idol as he prepares for his first sold-out show at New York City's venerable Madison Square Garden. Interspersed with concert footage are home movies taken when Bieber was much younger and just starting to show a knack for music - particularly drumming. We are introduced to the performer's inner-circle - including his mom, his manager, and his stylist -- who help him keep his head screwed on straight while he navigates the complicated world of international superstardom. ~ Perry Seibert, Rovi


OK. So I walk in the movie, and Every time the great Biebs comes on the screen, I hear the most annoying, loud, and irritating screaming little girls who somehow worship and adore this boy. 90% of the theater were young girls who thought this guy was the "hottest person alive." So annoying.

And onto the movie, it is a waste of time, just watching his annoying confident face, and people like Usher talking about his talent. I hope so much you wont pay 10 bucks to see this crap. Really. The kid is just annoying. Please just stay away from this movie. Unless your a 10 year old girl, this is an utter waste of time.

1/10. No, 0/10, because of the crowd.


Honestly the worst movie ever made. Theatre full of 10 year old girls screaming their heads off at the sight of him.

Could not stand sitting there for the entire time. Left early.


I don't even understand how people agreed to turn this into a movie.

1/10, only because 0 isn't an option.

If anyone wants to see this movie, don't pay money for it. It is one of the worst films I've ever come across.

Im not sure why this became a movie, but im sure it was just so they could milk money from the current state of how popular the kid is and get even more money out of him. Never say never is bad.


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