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Year: 2009
Director: Noboru Iguchi

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Noriko Kijima (Yoshie), Yûya Ishikawa (Suguru Sugihara), Demo Tanaka (Kaneko / Kimura gang member), Kentaro Kishi (Yôsuke Fujii (as Kentarô Kishi)), Hiroaki Murakami (), Yukihide Benny ( (as Yukihide Benii)), Takatoshi Naoi (), Masahiro Aoki (), Minase Yashiro (Ami Hyûga (flashback sequences) (archive footage)), Asami (Miki Sugihara (as Asami Sugiura)), Kentarô Shimazu (Ryûji Kimura / Kimura gang boss), Noboru Iguchi ()


Ami Hyūga was an average high school girl, trying to lead a normal life but her world came crashing down when her brother Yu and his friend Takeshi Sugihara were killed by bullies led by Sho Kimura. As Ami tracks down Sho, she is surprised to discover the bullies' association with a sinister ninja yakuza family. When she goes after her revenge, she soon finds herself in over her head with her left arm lost as a result. Barely surviving, Ami escapes and seeks out shelter from Takeshi's parents Suguru and Miki Sugihara, two kindly garage mechanics who fit her with a high-powered machine gun prosthetic. With Miki's use of chainsaw, Ami proceeds on a killing spree against the murderers of their loved ones. Eventually, they reach the place where the yakuza are hiding. As the fight continues, Miki loses her right foot and eventually dies. Ami loses her machine gun doing her fight with Sho's father Ryūgi Kimura but gets Miki's chainsaw. Finding Sho with hostages to keep Ami at bay, his mother Violet Kimura manages to disarm Ami while attempting to kill her with her drill bra. However, noticing one of the student hostages wet himself, Ami takes advantage and trips Violet onto the urine to cause the mother's electrocution as Ami manages to kill Sho. Though she attempts to commit suicide with nothing left for her, Ami hears noise behind her and the film ends as Ami turns, sword at the ready.


A 22 minutes masterpiece. Fans of Machine Girl, will surely enjoy this short cult flick. First of all, this is not a sequel to The Machine Girl. Its a spin off. The story revolves of Ami's friend(Noriko) who was killed and stabbed in the head by the Yakuza Gang Leaders Wife and after a week, she was saved by a mechanice(You don't say and I saw him being chopped off by Shurikens. The stupidity started to increase.) So, she remembered about her past and decided to avenge her friend Ami. Spoiling this short movie will ruin your motivation. Okay, it was entertaining and funny at the same time. Especially the Machine Gun on her ass. Mostly the short movie succeeded on comedy but not on action. The special effects are low and the acting is stupid(Really, Really Bad=Entertainment). Recommended for Fans.


We have the villains and the guy who made the machine gun for Machine girl all brought back to life. It's not explained why. The villains spend a lot of time mugging at the camera (they know this short sucks and don't bother) and yeah, the gun maker puts a machine gun in the girl's ass. We don't see him put it in there.

The ass machine gun was kind of embarrassing to watch. I was worried that someone would come into the room and see me watching it.

"What the hell are you watching?"

The only bit I did like is when the villains eyes pop out, that made me chuckle.

And we don't see Ami in the movie at all, just in stock footage and we have a Lion King moment at the end.

The film ends with the girl dancing away in the credits.


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