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Year: 1974
Director: Jules Bass, Arthur Rankin Jr.

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Patricia Bright (), Scott Firestone (), George Gobel (Father Mouse), Joel Grey (Joshua Trundle), Tammy Grimes (Albert), Bob McFadden ( (as Robert McFadden)), John McGiver (Mayor), Allen Swift ( (as Alan Swift)), Christine Winter (), Jules Bass (), Arthur Rankin Jr. ()


One Christmas season, the citizens of a small town, both human and mouse, find their letters to Santa Claus have been unceremoniously returned. Furthermore, there is a message that says the entire town has been removed from Santa's delivery itinerary due to being insulted by a letter from that town dismissing his existance. While Father Mouse confronts his cynical son, Albert, who wrote the letter; their human companions, a clockmaker and his family work to find a way to regain Mr. Claus' favour. Written by Kenneth Chisholm <>


I have always loved this cute little cartoon. So this isn't the best drawn cartoon, but it has a nice story and wonderful songs. Christmas is my favourite time of year. Full of giving, laughing, and seeing people acting kind to one another, even if it is just once a year. Rudolph and Frosty already had songs about them that really help build stories around their cartoons. This one was fresh and inventive. BELIEVING, even when common sense tells you not to. Closely tied to another classic at this time, Miracle On 34th Street. So pour a cup of nog, cuddle up under your blanket, and turn on the telly. Now all together...."Christmas bells are ringing Santa, Santa..Every heart repeating Santa, Santa...."


'Twas the Night Before Christmas has always been one of my favorites. The story about a clockmaker who creates a singing clock to help convince Santa that people still believe in him might seem a little odd now, but the message is still clear. The songs are fantastic in this special. "Even a Miracle Needs a Hand" is one that I am singing year-round. As a kid, I always looked forward to watching this every Christmas. It wasn't until recently that I found it on VHS.

South Park did a parody of this show a few years ago in an episode of "A Crappy Christmas." I'm sure that 90% of the South Park audience didn't even get the parody, and that's a real shame.

'Twas the Night before Christmas stands tall right along with all of the other Rankin/Bass holiday classics.