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Year: 2004
Director: Terry George

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Xolani Mali (Policeman), Don Cheadle (Paul Rusesabagina), Desmond Dube (Dube), Hakeem Kae-Kazim (George Rutaganda), Tony Kgoroge (Gregoire), Rosie Motene (Receptionist), Neil McCarthy (Jean Jacques), Mabutho 'Kid' Sithole (Head Chef (as Kid Sithole)), Nick Nolte (Colonel Oliver), Fana Mokoena (General Bizimungu), Jeremiah Ndlovu (Old Guard), Sophie Okonedo (Tatiana Rusesabagina), Lebo Mashile (Odette), Antonio David Lyons (Thomas Mirama), Leleti Khumalo (Fedens), Kgomotso Seitshohlo (Anais), Lerato Mokgotho (Carine), Mosa Kaiser (Elys Rusesabagina), Mathabo Pieterson (Diane Rusesabagina), Ofentse Modiselle (Roger Rusesabagina)


A solar storm provokes uncontrollable changes in Clark's abilities making him use his powers in rash fashion. While running to meet Pete and Lana at The Talon, Clark suddenly stops on the road, and the drunken driver, journalist Perry White, crashes into a pole trying to avoid him. Perry (Clark's future boss and editor of the Daily Planet) is an alcoholic ex-reporter from the Daily Planet, now a freelancer working for the tabloid TV show 'X-Styles', whom he blames Lionel Luther for his career downfall. Perry blackmails the Kents by threatening to sue them for his car accident, and gets Clark to transport him around Smallville for a couple of days because Perry is in town writing an article about the 1989 meteor shower and starts to suspect Clark's abilities. Meanwhile, the upset Lex has a psychoanalysis evaluation on him due to imposition of the insurance company to Luthor Corp.


Anything I say in this review is probably redundant, because there isn't a single negative review in all the comments so far here, and I agree wholeheartedly with what has been said by other reviewers.

Nevertheless Hotel Rwanda is that rare kind of movie experience that doesn't easily relinquish its hold on the audience just because the credits have rolled. Watching with a friend, after ten minutes we had to pause the film because we decided we would be better served if we were more informed about what the basic facts of the conflict in Rwanda were. So to my shame, we had to read on the internet about what really happened, before we could continue. I say shame because we should have known, both of us were of an age when it happened to have taken more of an interest in world politics.

The film is beautifully understated, eschewing sentimentality in favour of raw emotion and letting the story tell itself. The acting was flawless - Don Cheadle's breathtaking performance being a particular standout - and the direction didn't falter, despite all the potential pitfalls of dramatising a recent and horrific conflict. The scenes which were hardest to watch in terms of tension and violence were often suffused with humour and hope.

It's difficult sometimes to separate the significance of the true story, from the artistry of the product, and often I get impatient with 'worthy' movies scoring big at Oscar time because it seems as though important stories ought to be rewarded, whether or not they make good films. However, I can't recall being so profoundly moved by a film since I saw The Grey Zone, and I hope Hotel Rwanda gets all the plaudits it deserves.


I have never been so touched by a movie. It was the hardest movie I have ever sat through but also the best. it's so easy to ignore human rights abuses if they are not happening to you or your family, but just because you ignore it, they are still happening. i hope this movie receives the praise it deserves. i am frustrated because nothing i can type can represent how powerful this movie is or how much it moved me. i can't comment on the amazing acting or cinematography or directing because the movie transported me. i did not think about the making of the movie but rather sat shocked and horrified and nauseated and inspired. there was the red cross agent. there were heroes and while human nature perverts and the thin veil of culture unravels, there is still good. i have to look at the good of the heroes in the movie and of the people that wrote the movie, and realize that going to the movies doesn't have to be about escapism. it can be about reality. this is a must-see, not because it will make you laugh but because it will make you think and feel.