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Year: 1932
Director: George Marshall

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Stan Laurel (Stan), Oliver Hardy (Ollie), Billy Gilbert (Joe - Junkyard Owner), George Marshall ()


Laurel and Hardy are in the fish business. They drive around town seeing if they can sell any. Stan suggests they catch their own fish and could keep all the profits when selling them to people. Ollie likes the idea so they buy a boat at the junk yard and try, sometimes unsuccessfully, to fix it up. When the boat is finally fixed up, the whole operation goes south.


(Contains SPOILERS) I wish Stan & Ollie could've lived to see how much their work is appreciated, even after all these years. I watched "Towed In A Hole" today with a Russian friend who'd (amazingly) never heard of L&H - and she laughed her head off! The plot of this episode is devilishly simple, yet brilliantly executed as only Laurel & Hardy could do it. They have a small (very small) business selling fish, until Stan suggests they could double their profits by catching the fish they sell. All they need to do is buy an old boat and 'do it up'. I guess anyone even vaguely familiar with the genius of Stan and Ollie can guess what happens :) There are 2 specific scenes which are SO outstanding they carry Towed In A Hole into the premier league of Laurel & Hardy's output. The first is Oliver Hardy singing a public commercial for their 'business' in the old "negro spiritual" style. The second (and this is one of the finest things they ever did) involves Stan locked in the boat's cabin and trapping his head between the bottom of the mast and the hull. In panic he grabs a saw and starts sawing through it. meanwhile, Ollie is on a ladder at the top of the mast painting it. Hardy hears the sawing and his 'puzzled' expression, just before the inevitable " Oh-Ooohh-CRASH!" is the essence of what has made them icons of comedy for 3/4 of a century. Wonderful!


Every single detail and frame of this film is a work of art. With only Laurel and Hardy in the cast, it is the most beautiful 18 minutes you could ever wish to spend watching a movie. Every gag, every nuance, every movement, every moment is timed and placed beautifully. I can only wonder if Stan and Babe had any idea when they were making this masterpiece quite what they were achieving... Is it possible to recognise timeless perfection in the midst of the process without spoiling the result? Whatever, this film could almost bring tears to the eyes it is so charming, so satisfying, so quietly side-splitting, and such a magnificent example of screen comedy at its best. Nothing comes better than this. Ever.


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