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Year: 2008
Director: Greg Colton

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Seth MacFarlane (Dog / ... (19 episodes), 2008-2010), Alec Sulkin (Deer / ... (7 episodes), 2008-2010), John Viener (Man / ... (6 episodes), 2008-2010), Danny Smith (Bob Dylan / ... (5 episodes), 2008-2010), Rachael MacFarlane (Princess #2 / ... (4 episodes), 2008-2009), Mark Hentemann (Mountain Climber / ... (3 episodes), 2008-2009), Alex Borstein (Abbie / ... (3 episodes), 2008-2009), Seth Green (Albert / ... (3 episodes), 2008-2009), Jeff Bergman (Barney Rubble / ... (2 episodes), 2008-2009), Alexandra Breckenridge (Princess #1 / ... (2 episodes), 2008), Jackson Douglas (Mike (2 episodes), 2009), Ralph Garman (Policeman #1 (2 episodes), 2008-2009), Mike Henry (Bird (2 episodes), 2009), Chris Cox (Fish (2 episodes), 2009), Christine Devine ( (unknown episodes)), Gilbert Gottfried ( (unknown episodes)), Greg Colton ()


From the creator of Family Guy and the co-creator of American Dad! Comes a brand-new animated series of pop culture parodies, skewered stories, and fabulously filthy fun nuggets. Uncensored, uninhibited and unbelievably hilarious, Seth MacFarlane?s Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy is brimming with the kind of raunchy, twisted humor you can?t see on television no matter how hard you try. So sit back, veg out and enjoy the show. The possibilities are endless...and so are the laughs!


This is a dumping ground for the non-sequitur gags that fail to make it into the final scripts for Family Guy before every sketch just read the title and picture Peter saying "That's nearly as weird as (insert title)".Why does Seth think animals acting like people is funny enough as a joke to stand on its own? The Ducks watching meet the parents is a good example them being Ducks doesn't make the dialogue funny your just expected to laugh because its ducks (how ceraazy). Oh and the Bob Marley police interrogation is probably the most obvious boring joke I've ever seen told in a non ironic fashion.

In closing its dull, repetitive and pretty much makes me question how much Seth Macfarlane is responsible for the truly funny moments of American Dad and earlier episodes of Family Guy.


I have read many reviews of this title and concluded that you will either love most of the skits or hate them all.

If you are not thick-skinned, not dirty-minded and are offended easily, do not watch this title. It IS very vulgar, but personally I can see through it to appreciate the sense of humor.

The skits range from multiple "Sex with ________" skits to a sheep REALLY enjoying being sheered (shorn) {watch it and you'll see what that's about} Do not let the kids watch this.

If I haven't scared you off, I also recommend watching it in 20 minute increments. All of the skits have the feel of Family Guy when they do the "That's like that one time where ____________ did _____________" flashback things. Watching that for an hour got a little tedious.

So, if you're still interested after watching this, enjoy.


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