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Year: 2004
Director: Edgar Wright

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Simon Pegg (Shaun), Kate Ashfield (Liz), Nick Frost (Ed), Lucy Davis (Dianne), Dylan Moran (David), Nicola Cunningham (Mary), Keir Mills (Clubber 1 (as Kier Mills)), Matt Jaynes (Clubber 2), Gavin Ferguson (Football Kid), Peter Serafinowicz (Pete), Horton Jupiter (Homeless Man), Tim Baggaley (The Usher), Arvind Doshi (Nelson), Rafe Spall (Noel), Sonnell Dadral (Danny (as Sonell Dadral)), Samantha Day (Woman on Trisha), Trisha Goddard (Herself), David Park (Grave Scientist), Finola Geraghty (Distraught Vox Pop), Bill Nighy (Philip)


Shaun is having many problems in life. His long-time girlfriend has dumped him due to their almost-daily expedition to Shaun's favorite pub, the Winchester. His temporary management job isn't going well at Foree Electronics, with his subordinates not even giving him the time of day. His deadbeat flatmates, Pete and Ed, are at each others' throats. And, oh yeah, London is overrun with multitudes of zombies. In the midst of this, he must save himself, Ed, his ex, his mom, and his precious record collection. There is a time when a hero must rise...from his couch.



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