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Year: 1996
Director: Dennis Dugan

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Adam Sandler (Happy Gilmore), Christopher McDonald (Shooter McGavin), Julie Bowen (Virginia Venit), Frances Bay (Grandma), Allen Covert (Otto), Robert Smigel (IRS Agent), Bob Barker (Himself), Richard Kiel (Mr. Larson), Dennis Dugan (Doug Thompson), Joe Flaherty (Jeering Fan), Lee Trevino (Himself), Kevin Nealon (Potter), Verne Lundquist (Announcer), Jared Van Snellenberg (Happy's Waterbury Caddy), Ken Camroux (Coach), Rich Elwood (Assistant Coach), Carl Weathers (Chubbs), Nancy McClure (Terry), Helena Yea (Chinese Lady), Will Sasso (Mover (as William Sasso))


Happy Gilmore is a rowdy boy, who was raised by his grandmother. He wants to be a hockey player but isn't because of one thing, he can't skate. When his grandmother's house is foreclosed cause of her failure to pay her taxes, and she's placed in a retirement home, Happy must try and find a way to make some money. One day while at a driving range, he discovers that he can hit a golf ball a hundred feet, so the range pro, convinces him to try being a pro golfer. Reluctant at first, because he considers himself a hockey player, but when he learns he can make a lot of money, he gives it a try and surprisingly, in addition to his amazing driving ability, his antics have made him the darling of the crowd. Shooter McGavin the tournament leader, thinks that Happy's an embarrassment and is jealous that he is stealing his spotlight, tries to get him thrown out or get him to quit. Written by



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