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Year: 1949
Director: Carol Reed

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Joseph Cotten (Holly Martins), Alida Valli (Anna Schmidt (as Valli)), Orson Welles (Harry Lime), Trevor Howard (Major Calloway), Bernard Lee (Sergeant Paine), Paul Hörbiger (Karl - Harry's Porter (as Paul Hoerbiger)), Ernst Deutsch ('Baron' Kurtz), Siegfried Breuer (Popescu), Erich Ponto (Dr. Winkel), Wilfrid Hyde-White (Crabbin), Hedwig Bleibtreu (Anna's Old Landlady), Nelly Arno (Kurtz's Mother (uncredited)), Jack Arrow (International Patrol A (uncredited)), Harold Ayer (Soldier (uncredited)), Harry Belcher (Man Chasing Holly (uncredited)), Leo Bieber (Casanova Barman (uncredited)), Paul Birch (Military Policeman (uncredited)), Martin Boddey (Russian Military Policeman (uncredited)), Madge Brindley (Guest at Casanova Bar (uncredited)), Ray Browne (International Patrol B (uncredited))


An American pulp writer arrives in post-WWII Vienna only to find that the friend who waited for him is killed under mysterious circumstances. The ensuing mystery entangles him in his friend's involvement in the black market, with the multinational police, and with his Czech girlfriend.