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Year: 1986
Director: Jim Henson

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David Bowie (Jareth the Goblin King), Jennifer Connelly (Sarah), Toby Froud (Toby), Shelley Thompson (Stepmother), Christopher Malcolm (Father), Natalie Finland (Fairy), Shari Weiser (Hoggle), Brian Henson (Hoggle / Goblin), Ron Mueck (Ludo / Firey 2 / Goblin), Rob Mills (Ludo / Firey 3), Dave Goelz (Didymus / The Hat / The Four Guards / Left Door Knocker / Firey 3 (as David Goelz)), David Alan Barclay (Didymus / Firey 1), David Shaughnessy (Didymus / The Hat / The Four Guards / Goblin (as David Shaughnessy)), Karen Prell (The Worm / The Junk Lady / Firey 2), Timothy Bateson (The Worm / The Four Guards / Goblin), Frank Oz (The Wiseman), Michael Hordern (The Wiseman), Denise Bryer (The Junk Lady), Steve Whitmire (The Four Guards / Firey 4 / Ambrosius), Kevin Clash (The Four Guards / Firey 1 / Ambrosius)


Sarah, a teen, summons the goblins from her fave book, the Labyrinth, to steal her baby 1/2 bro Toby. When they actually do, she must solve the Goblin King's (Bowie) Labyrinth in 13 hours or else Toby will become a goblin.