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Year: 1956
Director: Gerd Oswald

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Robert Wagner (Bud Corliss), Jeffrey Hunter (Gordon Grant), Virginia Leith (Ellen Kingship), Joanne Woodward (Dorothy ('Dorie') Kingship), Mary Astor (Mrs. Corliss), George Macready (Leo Kingship), Robert Quarry (Dwight Powell), Howard Petrie (Howard Chesser), Chief of Police, Bill Walker (Bill), the Butler, Molly McCart (Annabelle Koch), Marlene Felton (Medical Student), Robert Ivers (Student at murder scene (uncredited)), Gerd Oswald ()


Bud Corliss is an ambitious college student with big plans for himself and an heiress, Dorothy Kingship. But then Dorothy goes and gets herself pregnant. It's his child, too, of course; but this ruins everything. Her moralistic father will disown her and will certainly never accept him. It seems he's trapped. Bud's mother knows something is troubling her son, but he won't talk to her about it. All she knows is that Bud doesn't want to turn out like his father, with holes in his shoes. He doesn't have to worry. As his mother says, when he turns his mind to something, he does it. Unknown to her, his thoughts have turned to murder.