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Year: 2007
Director: Michael Moore

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Michael Moore (Himself), Tucker Albrizzi (Himself), Tony Benn (Himself), George W. Bush (Himself (archive footage)), Reggie Cervantes (Herself), Bill Clinton (Himself (archive footage)), Hillary Rodham Clinton (Herself (archive footage)), Billy Crystal (Himself (archive footage)), John Graham (Himself), Aleida Guevara (Herself), William Maher (Himself), Richard Nixon (Himself (archive footage)), Patrick Pedraja (Himself), Linda Peeno (Herself), Michael Moore ()


A documentary comparing the highly profitable American health care industry to other nations, and HMO horror stories.


I can only hope this movie wakes some people up, especially those flag waving people who keep on repeating slogans like "greatest country in the world" etc. This could be a serious wake up call for a proud nation. I have always wondered how people can still call it the greatest country if it does not have universal health care, but maybe the reason is, they don't know any better. They do not realize that in other western countries this has been done for ages and it works.

People of USA should embrace Moore as the patriot he is. He wants the American PEOPLE all the best, but he gets sacrificed by the same people because he dares to speak about the government. But true patriots rise against governments too, if they are bad for the people. United states is not the flag, not the white house, not the senate, not the soaring eagle. It is the people living there, and this is what they have to remember. You can demand for universal health care, and you can vote for it.


As an American this movie was one of the most depressing movies I've seen in awhile. Bowling for Columbine doesn't even hold a candle to the disheartening realizations contained in this film. I walked away with a sick taste in my mouth having been reminded of how disgusting and heartless our bottom line policy making is. How sick it is to be imprisoned by the government through healthcare. How the healthcare system will tear down every other joy in your life until your 80, working 50 hours a week to pay the cost of staying alive, unable to stand against the rich or have the hope left to vote. Thus the propaganda arm of the American Dream prevails. I don't plan to watch this movie again until I obtain citizenship in Britain, France, Cuba… or Ron Paul could get elected president and as a former physician he might actually fix the system.


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